Offering Youth Cheerleading for grades 2 - 8

  Yorktown Athletic Club, Cheerleading  Offering Youth Cheerleading for grades 2 - 8  
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YAC Cheerleading General Information

Parents and Cheerleaders:
The following is a list of general rules that we expect cheerleaders to observe. Please read them carefully. Most of these rules are established for the safety of the cheerleaders, and the remainder instituted in the interest of fairness to all participants. We want the girls to have fun being cheerleaders, and we will also teach them commitment and responsibility toward a TEAM effort.
Any questions, problems or concerns are expected to be addressed in a private setting, at an appropriate time, with your child’s coach. It should not be done during practice, game, or competitiona and not in front of any other child or parent.

The schedule is available on the Document page.  If you cannot access this, please e-mail Kate Nikisher at  September through November practices will be held twice per week for 2nd gradeand three times a week for grades 3 - 8 .  Each team will also practice on Saturday's.  

Attendance is critical to the success of the squad. Routines/stunts cannot be learned and performed if the full squad is not in attendance from the first practice on. Cheerleaders are encouraged to come to practice even if they cannot cheer due to an injury or minor illness (cramps, allergies, etc). That way they can still learn what’s new and not have a recorded absence.
WARNING: Beginning September 12, 2016 three or more absences from practices and two or more football games will result in removal from the nearest competition to the last missed date . It is critical that your child attends practices this is the time they learn their routines and are placed appropriately for various stunts. If you foresee a problem, speak to your coach immediately. A phone call is required to the coach if your child is going to miss practice or games.


  • Cheerleaders should bring water only to practices and games (no food or other beverages).
  • Practice time – Practice will begin promptly. Coaches and staff appreciate prompt drop off and pick up.
  • Please check with your cheerleader after practice for any news coming home.
  • Remind your cheerleader to use the bathroom at home before coming to practice.
  • No jewelry, tattoos, nail polish or artificial nails or glitter – subdued make-up only. Nails should not be over the fingertip.
  • Hair should be pulled back off the face securely and should be off the shoulders.
  • Anyone wearing glasses must have them secured to their head using a short elastic band. This is a required piece of safety equipment.
  • Siblings are not allowed to participate in practice or games. It is neither safe nor fair for the children on the squad. Please refrain from allowing siblings to distract squad (children should not be running in practice area).
  • Parents should also refrain from interacting with their child during practice and games (unless your child needs you).
  • Anyone caught fighting or stealing is subject to dismissal.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug use is prohibited. Violators are subject to dismissal.

Cheerleaders are required to cheer at football games. Game schedules include games on Saturdays or Sundays. Attendance is monitored and will impact the ability of both the individual cheerleader and the squad as a whole, to participate in any or all competitions


  • Call your coach to report an absence at least 2 hours prior to the game
  • Cheerleaders must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to game time. At any function all cheerleaders are required to stay with their coach and team at all times. Once reporting to your coach you may never leave the team without permission. ZERO TOLERANCE WILL APPLY.  You must wear your complete uniform to all games
  • Hair should be pulled back and off shoulders. Glasses secured with elastic strap.
  • No jewelry.
  • Please show courtesy and respect toward all people. Should you encounter a problem notify your coach immediately.
  • Cheerleaders will kneel or squat when a player from either team is hurt on the field.
  • Cheerleaders will not talk during the National Anthem
  • Cheerleaders will not talk, fidget, move out of their lines or fool around between cheers. Always give 100% of your attention to your coach and the game.


T-shirt, shorts and sneakers are required for EVERY practice. Full YAC uniform required for EVERY game.

Please be aware the uniform is on loan only. A deposit check of $200.00 is required before uniform distribution and will be returned to you at the end of the season when the uniform is returned intact and clean. All uniforms NOT returned will be subject to our cashing of the deposit check.

Cheerleaders are expected to demonstrate courtesy and cooperation to spectators, opponents, opponents’ coaches, volunteers and each other at all times.
Should a cheerleader display an attitude contrary to the one stated above, a squad coach will approach them in private. If after this discussion their attitude doesn’t improve, they will meet with the cheer coach and commissioner and their parents for a possible solution. Should there be no change; the situation will be brought before the board for discussion of probable cause for dismissal from the squad.