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MARA All-Stars

The Matthews Athletic and Recreation Association Board of Directors believes that All-Star teams should provide a select group of boys and girls the opportunity to participate in their chosen sport on a multi-jurisdictional tournament level after their recreation season concludes. Player selection and team composition should reward children based on the merit of their play within the Matthews Athletic and Recreation Association during the current regular season. Play on non-MARA teams should be excluded from consideration. At a minimum, selection should be based on input of regular season coaches with the perspective of the overall sport and league commissioners.

Merit is earned by players throughout the regular season. For purposes of MARA, "merit" refers to a superior exhibition of teamwork, work ethic, sportsmanship, athletic talent, achievement and the ability to adapt to and be taught roles other than those assumed during the regular season.

The Board's intent is to field teams that are selected fairly and provide the greatest opportunity to achieve a positive experience for the child. An experience should prove positive as the player receives more personalized instruction, improves skills, integrates into a new team, competes at a high level of competition and advances through tournament play.

Adopted: April 6, 2000