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2017 Fall Cheer & Dance Forms

Below is a list of the paperwork that will be required for all 2017 Fall Cheer & Dance participants.

1. Pop Warner Participant Contract/Parental Consent Form (click to download)

2. Pop Warner Physical Fitness & Medical History Form (click to download)
**All participants will be required to have a physical dated in 2017 and completed on the Pop Warner Physcial Fitness form. No one will be permitted to participate in any practices or games until a completed 2017 physical has been turned in.**

3. One (1) copy of participant's birth certificate (if you participated in the 2016 fall season and already turned in a copy, you will not need to provide another one).
4. One (1) copy of participant's full year report card. Must include all 4 quarters. (Not required for those entering kindergarten in fall 2017).

5. Small photo of participant for ID cards. A Thumbnail/yearbook portrait size photo in color or black/white of each participant is needed for ID cards to accompany the rest of their paperwork. Photo should not be more than 2 years old.

**Please be sure to completely fill out the Pop Warner forms. This will save the commissioners a lot of time going back and forth to get all the paperwork completed. Some common areas missed:

• Participant Contract/Parental Consent: Participant Name at top of page 2 must be first and last name exactly as they appear on birth certificate.

• Participant Contract/Parental Consent: Participants must sign & print their full name at the bottom of page 2 of the participant contract. They can print their name if they're too young to sign. If they're too young to print their own name, you can do so for them.

• Medical History: Be sure to provide insurance information. Group and ID numbers can be provided in place of Policy and Membership numbers, respectively.

• Medical History: Explain any "Yes" answers on the set of "Yes/No" questions. This information is extremely important for coaches to know so they can be aware of any food allergies and/or medical conditions that may require special attention during practices/games.