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Q. What does the program cost?
A.   Registration Fees for 2014 are:
1. Registering and Ordering NEW Home and Away Jerseys
LATE - 6/16/14 - 08/04/14  - $250

The registration fee covers JMFA assessement costs, game and practice field rentals, officiating fees, game jersey, and various JMFA and HRYFA administrative expenses throughout the season.  ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE FINAL - NO REFUNDS
Q. Does the above fee cover any equipment for my child?
A. The above fee covers two new game jerseys for your child (to be handed out @ weighin), practice and playing field expenses, referee costs, footballs, field equipment like bags, hitting dummies, etc. It does NOT include a SILVER helmet, shoulder pads, BLACK pants/socks, knee pads, or any other “personal” equipment required to play. Those expenses are the responsibility of the parent and your coach will have more information on what you will be required to purchase a few weeks prior to the season.
Q. Where can I purchase Mustangs football apparel?
A. HRYFA's approved Mustangs vendor is PROformance Apparel.  Please visit them for all your Mustang apparel needs:
PROformance Apparel http://www.proformanceapparel.com/
6905 S. Broadway, Ste #105       Littleton, CO 80122           PH: 303-794-8169

Q. When does registration begin?
A.   2014 Registration is OPEN.  The registration deadline for returning players is 7/7/14. New players may register until 7/20/14 or later until rosters are full in the particular grade group. Payment for returning or new players MUST be received prior to 8/12/14.
Q. When do practices start?
A. For 2013, practice begins August 12th.
Q. How often are practices?
A. For 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade teams practices are held three times per week (Monday-Friday).  7th and 8th grade teams practice four times per week (Monday-Friday). Practices are typically two hours per night. Practices for each team are generally held at the same field(s) throughout the season.  Practice fields are located at various elementary schools, high schools, and parks in the Highlands Ranch area.
Q. What are weigh-ins?  Are they mandatory?
A. Weigh-ins take place every year. If a player is heavier than a certain weight on the day of weigh-ins (based on grade level) he will be patched.  Patched players must start each play on the line of scrimmage for safety reasons, but may still have an opportunity to catch the football and score touchdowns. Weigh-ins are mandatory and will take place Saturday,TBD.  See your coach for your team weigh-in time.  If your son misses the scheduled weigh-in, he risks being AUTOMATICALLY patched, regardless of weight.
Patch Weight (per grade level):
2nd grade, 75 lbs.    3rd grade, 85 lbs.
4th grade, 95 lbs.    5th grade, 105 lbs.
6th grade, 120 lbs.   7th grade, 135 lbs.
8th grade Seniors have no backfield weight limitations.

Q. Do you kick field goals and extra-points?
A. Yes, all teams in HRYFA are allowed to kick field-goals and extra-points.  We believe in teaching the game so that the kids are best prepared to play high school football.
Q. How many, when and where are the Games?
A. There are 8 games in the season. There is usually only one game per week which nearly always takes place on Saturday. (Note: Some teams might be required to play one Wednesday night game early in the season, but this is very uncommon). Away games are located in the Denver Metro area and are usually no longer than an hour drive (most are much closer).  Home games are usually always at Redstone or other Highlands Ranch area fields. Your coach will have more details once the season begins.
Q. When will I know what team my son is on?
A. JMFA requires ALL new players to be placed by a blind draft procedure.  This draft will be held 08/06/14, after registration closes.  Be patient.  Your coach will contact you soon after rosters are finalized. NO REQUEST IS GUARANTEED.
Q. When will the game schedule be released?
A. Game schedules will be provided to your coach on the day they are given to us by JMFA.  Please be patient as scheduling does not occur until mid to late August.
Q. When is the first weekend of games?
A. Labor Day Weekend for all divisions.
Q. How long does the season last?
A. The season runs from August through October.  If your team does well and makes the playoffs the season could run until mid November.
Q. What if we have a family vacation scheduled during the season?
A. Family vacations during football season are highly discouraged.  This is a very competitive tackle football league and as such it is important for your child to participate in every game. However, please talk to your coach individually to arrange for any absences well in advance.
Q. What are the age requirements?
A. League play begins at 2nd grade. Players will be placed on teams based on their grade for the year of play. JMFA sponsors the following age groups for play: 2nd grade(7), 3rd grade(8), 4th grade(9), 5th grade(10), 6th grade(11), 7th grade(12), Seniors - 8th grade(13-14).
When special circumstances exist due to repeating a grade or being advanced a grade the JMFA board will determine where the child will be rostered based on age as of July 31st of the current year.  At no time will a player be allowed to play up or down in grade.

Q. Does JMFA have a website with more info on the league?
A. Yes, it is located here: http://www.jeffcofootball.com

Q. What if I have additional questions?
A. Please email our president from the Contacts page. Someone will reply to your question or call you with an answer.  Please allow up to 5 working days for a response.