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We have varying opinions on these terms but for some reason, each is not a shoo in or an automatic rejection. Your comments and support of the use of these words will help us make a decision on January 1 of each year. - The editors.

Alligator Arms \ n. \ not fully extending the arms to catch a pass, usually in fear or anticipation of an impending hit, giving the appearance of tiny alligator arms.     

Bermuda triangle \ n. \ a team mate that never gives up the ball.     

Black hole \ n. \ a team mate that never gives up the ball.       

DEMO \ n. \ DEFEND [against] EXTRA MAN OFFENSE     

De-twigged \ n. \ to check a player resulting in his or her losing possession of the ball and their stick. Also see De-stick. Popular term in Colorado.       

Egg hunt \ n. \ the ball hunt which occurs after practice.     

Hen-Hawker \ n. \ Low flying shot that hugs the ground with lift .An upstate N.Y. term coined by Hall Of Fame Coach Joe Corcoran. Similar to a Hawk snatching its prey off the ground.       

Land mine \ n. \ Loose ball in the middle of the floor. Applies to box lacrosse only.     

Nugget \ n. \ slang for the ball.     

Pinwheel \ n. \ slang for a stick checked out of one's hands so that it flies into the air spinning end over end. Also see Helicopter, or 'copter.       

Sling Shot \ n. \ a two handed under armed crankshot that travels only inches above the ground from shooter to the net decieves goalies because most of them expect the under arm shot to rise to top of the net.       

Stealing the peanut butter \ v. \ shooting and hitting one of the top corners of the net.       

Wahoo \ n. \ a very hard, low released, low flying shot that does not appear to touch the ground as it whizzes by at ankle height.       

Wet \ adj. \ describes a player who is on his game or in a "zone", hitting every shot.