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Yard Sale \ n. \ slang for when a ball carrier has the ball and stick completely knocked out of their hands by a check. 2: when a player hangs his butt end out and a defensemen cracks the stick right out of his hands without him even suspecting the check was coming.     

Yahtzee \ n. \ See yardsale. Slang used throughout Long Island, NY. 

Yoke \ n. \ slang for a pump fake close in to the goalkeeper that makes him move, opening the opportunity for a better shot (Hudson Valley, NY).   


Zebra \ n. \ slang for referee.

Zingo \ exclam. \ used when a player hits a shot with some velocity from some distance. Coined by Major League Lacrosse (MLL) outdoor pro league Commentator Quint Kessinich just after the turn of the century.

Zone (Zone defense) \ n. \ defensive scheme where players are responsible for areas of the field rather than certain players.