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V-Cut \ n. \ Running in at one angle, then immediate breaking back into another direction to receive the pass. The Path resembles the letter V.    

V-Pocket \ n. \ any pocket that has at least one shooting string strung in an upside-down V. Sometimes called the Casey Powell Pocket.


Walk the Dog \ v. \ when a player runs down the field carrying the ball in their stick way out in front of them in one hand with their arm extended, and holding the bottom of the shaft. This keeps the ball in the head of the stick without needing to cradle or worry about what's behind you, sorta. Also known as Carrying the Pizza.

Walk Off Winner \ n. \ a shot that ends a game, usually with little fanfare and lots of attitude.    

Walk Through \ n. \ a light practice with no contact, mostly to go over plays. 

Walking Turnover \ n. \ a new player who seems to turn the ball over every time they touch the ball. 

Wall Ball \ n. \ a very popular practice method involving throwing against a wall to one's self with both hands. Also called Wall Drills. 

Wall Drill \ n. \ a very popular practice method involving throwing against a wall to one's self with both hands. Also called Wall Ball. 

Wand \ n. \ slang for stick 

Ward \ n. \ penalty called on a ball carrier while holding the stick with one hand, using or moving the other hand or arm to move, block or interfere with a defenders stick. A stationary arm in place can be held in position and block anything in it's path (see Paul Gait video clip) but the moment it changes it's position relative to the body while in contact with the opponent a Ward will be called.   

Washed \adj.\ the name given to a player known to be a superstar whether it be in local youth leagues, summer camps or highschool but never panned out in College. 

Wheels \ exclam. \ motivational yell to a player running down field with the ball that, loosely translated, means "you're running fast. Good Job. Run faster".

Whip \ n. \ part of the mens pocket, usually just under the shooting strings where the ball nestles in the pocket. See also lip or hook. 2: the amount of downward direction in the balls path coming out of the stick on an overhad shot as a result of contact with the shooting strings. 3: the amount of loose mesh or stringing below the shooting strings causing a downward thrust of the ball on overhand shots. 

Winner's Sprint \ n. \ a shot that ends a game, the shooter runs in a full speed craze down the field, off the field, into the woods, to the bus, into the locker room or anywhere really.    

Wide Open \ adj. \ when a player is very open for a pass or uncovered by a defender. 

Withholding \ n. \ a penalty called for keeping the ball from play. 2: \ v. \ to keep the ball from play by laying on it, covering it with any part of your body or even the stick if no itent to pick the ball up is shown. Holding the ball in the stick against your body or with your thumb is a withholding call, as well.

Wizard \ n. \ a player who isn't necessarily the best athlete but has amazing stick skills and uses them to his advantage while playing.

World Cup \ n. \ the women's adult world championships, held every four years. The 2005 World Cup is in Annapolis, Maryland at the United States Naval Academy. 

Wormburner \ n. \ a shot that starts low and ends low, sneaking under the keeper's stick as he anticipates a bounce that never happens. 

Worked \ adj. \ getting beaten by good footwork or speed. 2: to be beaten buy your man abundantly in a game.

Wrap Around Shot \ n. \ A shot screened from the goalkeeper by the defender by shooting literally around the close defender. See Video Clip.     

Wrap Check \ n. \ check in which the defender holds his crosse in one hand and “wraps” his stick around the opponent in an attempt to hit the opponent’s crosse and dislodge the ball. 


X (The X, at X) \ n. \ the area on the field behind the goal or the player at that point who usually starts the play on offense.    2: the point at which a play is started.