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Pass \ v. \ throwing the ball with the stick to another player. 2: \ n. \ a throw to another player.

Phantom Check \ n. \ the mysterious loss of ball control in the midst of a shot or pass.

Pick \ n. \ a player stands in a stationery position in the path of a teammate driving with the ball allowing the ball carrier to get loose as he runs by very closely scraping his defender off on the set player's body. 2: \ v. \ the act of setting a pick. See also screen. 

Pill \ n. \ slang for a ball. 

Pinwheel \ n. \ slang for a stick checked out of one's hands so that it flies into the air spinning like a pinwheel. See also helicopter and copter. 

Platoon \ v. \ using two goalies in each game by design, splitting time usually in halves. 

Playing catch with the goalie \ v. \ shooting directly into the keeper's stick. 

Play On \ n. \ a loose ball penalty that is noticed by the referee but, if called immediately, would stop the advancement of the team that was fouled. A flag is thrown and the referee shouts "Play on" and continuation is allowed. At the next loose ball, turnover or score the whistle is blown and the penalty is assessed. If a goal were scored, it would count and the face off would ensue with the penalty in force. 

Plunger \ n. \ a Face-off move where you half clamp the ball (45 degrees) then keeping right hand on ground raise left hand and butt end of stick. This distorts the sidewalls of the head of the stick trapping the ball like a plunger. You can then drag the ball to an open area or even flip the ball over opponents stick for fastbreak. 

Pocket \ n. \ the stringing or mesh in the head of the stick that catches, holds and directs the ball when passing or shooting.

Poke Check \ n. \ a check where the defender literally pokes at the stick or arm of the ball carrier in order to dislodge the ball. 

Point (the Point) \ n. \ the forward attack position on a fast break. This player splits his man with the man on the break who has the ball. He shouts "Point" or "I've got Point" and moves toward to restraining line and the ball to split men and is usually the first attackman to touch the ball on the break and usually has a great pass open to them on the crease as they receive the ball from the breaking man. See Picture 26.

Pole \ n. \ slang for a defenseman. 

Popcorn \ n. \ a shot put right into the goalies stick. 

Post \ n. \ the upright metal side-pipes of a goal. 2: \ v. \ a goal keeper plays directly against the side pipe while the ball is to that side of the goal. 3: \ v. \ an attempted shot on goal that hits the upright post on either side of the net. Usually hits the pipe with much force and is accompanied by a loud noise of ricochet which impresses the crowd. 4: \ v. \ slang for just showing up at a game or event. 5: \ v. \ a comment submitted on a lacrosse website bulletin board. 

Power Play \ n. \ Box lacrosse term for extra man offense while one or more opposing players serves a penalty. 

Primary \ n. \ a player's best stick. Also called a Game Stick or Number 1. 


Quickstick \ v. \ catching the ball from a pass while in the shooting or passing motion or the moment before the forward thrust of the shot or pass.     


Rack \ n.\ slang for the goal.

Ragging \ v. \ running down the clock by either passing the ball around the out-side in a non-attacking manner, or having a player hold onto the ball and run around keeping it away from the defense.

Rail \ n. \ two vertical strings in a custom pocket that allow the ball to ride smoothly out of the pocket. 

Rake \ v. \ using the backside of the stick to pull the ball back, then positioning the head in front of the ball as it rolls in. Not a good fundamental skill to develop but OK for old coaches with bad backs.

Release ("Release") \ v. \ term used by a player to let a teammate know to stop taking the "man" in a "man - ball situation". When two teammates approach a ground ball along with one opponent the one closest to the opponent will yell "Man" and engage the opponent head on to keep them away while the other yells "Ball and gets the ball. The rules say that a player on a team with the ball cannot hit someone so the "Release" call turns off the aggression by the teammate and they both go on offense with the ball. 

Restraining Box \ n. \ area in offensive end of the field marked by one solid like and two hashed lines. Offensive players can only allow the ball outside of the box for ten seconds (referee's count), and defensive players have ten seconds to clear the ball or get called with failure to advance, and once out the clearing team cannot bring the ball back in the box or receive the in and out infraction. Also used to "restrain" attack and defensive players during face offs until possession is whistled. 

Reverse Gait \ n. \ A behind-the-back pass or shot (similar to 'around the world') except done at waist level or below the shoulder. A move that was perfected, frequently used and popularized by Paul Gait at around the turn of the century.

Ride \ n. \ a play that is designed to stop the defensive unit of the team with the ball from "Clearing the ball" or moving it up field to their offensive end. 2: \ v. \ covering a defensive player in the attempt to prevent advancement to the offensive end. 

Rig \ n. \ slang for a a pocket or a stick, especially a fancy or customized one. 

Rip (Take a rip) \ n. \ slang for a shot attempt on the goal.

Riser \ n. \ a shot that starts off low and ends up high in the net. 

Rock \ n. \ slang for a ball (NY). 

Rock-It Pocket \ n. \ A popular type of stringing for your lacrosse head. The first commercially successful independant custom pocket maker, founded in the 1980's and located in Colorado. The founder of Rock-It Pocket, Flip Naumburg was also a founder of the Vail Tournament. See picture 33. 

Roll Dodge \ n. \ a dodge around a defensive player where the ball carrier plants a foot in front of the defender and rolls to the outside without changing speed or losing the ball until he is beyond the defender and on his way. 

Rope \ n. \ a very hard shot which doesn't deviate in strenth or direction from stick to net. See Lazer or Frozen Rope. 

Run Out \ n. \ the sprint for the endline after a missed shot. The closest to the ball when it goes out of bounds on a shot gets the ball. 

Rusty Gate (Rusty gate check) \ n. \ slang for check in which the defender holds his crosse with his bottom hand and in one motion swings his crosse behind his back and around his defender to dislodge the ball from his opponent’s crosse.