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SELECT Program



The HOYB Cal Ripken Baseball League maintains a competitive Select program to offer our players an opportunity to acquire more advanced skills through higher levels of competition and training. Teams are composed of 12U-8U players who love baseball and are looking to enhance the fundamental skills they learned in the house league. The players are chosen based on House League performance, House League Coaches opinions, and the child's performance during the tryouts. HOYB offers two separate competitive teams in each age division with the Tournament Team and the Travel Team.


HOYB Tournament Team

Who:       The Tournament Team is open to player’s league age 8 to 12 who are currently enrolled in the spring house league. A player’s league age is determined by their age on April 30th of that given year. All players will play with their appropriate league age team unless no team is available in which case they may try-out for the next league age up and need to score in the top 8. Any player drafted into a kid pitch only house league would have the opportunity to try-out for a kid pitch only tournament team within their league age or the next one up if kid pitch only isn't available.  Age appropriate playing may be subject to adjustment based on the available pool of players trying out.  The HOYB board may combine teams in order to maximise results in the Cal Ripken tournament trail.

When:     Try-outs will be held during April or May each year and the season will extend into July.

What:      The Tournament Team is an early summer team focused on playing in the Cal Ripken Tournament Trail (Districts – World Series). Typically, practices will begin in May and continue once a week until the House season is completed. The Cal Ripken District Tournament is typically held towards the end of June. Other practices, scrimmages and tournaments may be held at the manager’s discretion. Additional registration fee will be required.


HOYB Travel Team

Who:       The Travel Team is open to player’s league age 8 to 12 who played in the spring house league. A player’s league age is determined by their age on April 30th of that given year.

When:     Try-outs will be held in August each year and will play through the fall, winter and spring seasons.

What:      The Travel Team is a competitive baseball team which can play multiple game each week and travel to fields outside of the local area sometimes requiring a hotel stay. Teams can practice one or two times a week, play in scrimmages, double headers and tournaments at the managers discretion. The Travel Team will require a greater time commitment and registration fees will be assessed each calendar season.


Questions regarding a specific team may be addressed to the respective Select managers listed below:



 SELECT Program Commissioner Patrick Wickline
 Team  2018-2019 Manager
 12 & Under Hawks Taiyo Francis
 11 & Under Hawks Curtis Swanson
 10 & Under Hawks

Chad Thompson

 9 & Under Hawks

Jason Patton 

 8 & Under Hawks Brad Blaisdell



Official League Policies and Procedures

Babe Ruth Leagues of Virginia, Inc. has the detailed tournament dates and other schedule information.

HOYB shall maintain competitive Select programs open to all children whom play in our regular “house” league. There will be an additional fee to participate in the Select programs.

Select managers are selected by the Board and serve a two (2) year term.

Selection to an Select team is via two tryouts that take place in April or May. League managers and coaches evaluate the players using a quantitative skills assessment sheet which can be downloaded from the league website. The managers and coaches whom perform the evaluation select the first eight (8) players for a given team. Then the Select manager has the option to select the remaining four (or more) players for his team. The Select manager may choose to have the evaluators select or help select the last four (or more) players.

For all invitational tournaments and scrimmages, league policy mandates a 50% playing time rule. This means that all players must play a minimum of 50% of all innings played. There are no maximum playing time restrictions.

For all Cal Ripken district, state and regional tournaments there are no minimum playing time restrictions. Select managers are free to use players according to Cal Ripken division rules and restrictions.

Managers are not required to “rotate” players to different positions in the Select programs. For example, a player could play all of his innings as an outfielder. There is no requirement to play in the infield.

The “house league” games, practices and events have precedence over the Select programs. Select managers must consult with the respective house league managers before using players as pitchers. Select teams may not schedule events that conflict with HOYB activities.