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SSA Age Brackets#



Teams will be formed for the following Age Groups:


In-House Rec Program Co-ed Div. 1 U5 (players born in 2012) or U6 (players born in 2011)


In-House Rec Program Co-ed Div. 2 U7 (players born in 2010) or U8 (players born in 2009)


Travel Program U9/U10 (born in 2008/2007); U11/U12 (born in 2006/2005)or U13/U14/U15 (born in 2004/2003/2002)


Children will be assigned to their appropriate Age Group when possible, but may be asked to “play up” to achieve balanced rosters.  For additional In-House or Travel program info please send an email to:


#Per CT Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) rules, Age Groups remain the same for the entire year (fall, winter, and spring seasons).  As per CIAC regulations, players on a High School soccer team are NOT eligible for the SSA fall season.  Thank you.


*Age groupings driven by CJSA policies and insurance*