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The Bagataway Award


In 2005, We began a tradition called "Bagataway - The Spirit of the Game".  Bagataway is the Indian name for Lacrosse.  This award is special for a number of reasons.  First, we would like to foster & encourage the relationships between the older players and their younger team or league-mates.  We ask the recipients to return the following year and pass the award onto next year's winners, creating a tradition that will hopefully continue for many years.  Second, the players choose their teammates for this award - it is not the coaches' decision. The winners should be proud to be chosen by their peers!


We ask each player to vote for a teammate that demonstrates the following characteristics:






The winners are presented with an antique wooden lacrosse stick.  These sticks come with lots of history – a lot of tradition.  Two of them are over 80 years old; two come from Quebec and two are from the United Kingdom.  We ask the winners to treat the sticks with care during the year & that they return to our ceremony the following year and pass the stick along to next year’s winner.  This award is merely formalizing a tradition that already exists in this league – a tradition of older kids being good role models for younger kids.

The 2015 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade -  Efrein Vasquez

     7th Grade -  Thomas Griggs (2-time winner!)  

     6th Grade -  Boden Gapko

The 2014 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade -  Max Hossein-Hauswirth

     7th Grade -  Kyle Orzechowski

     6th Grade -  Thomas Griggs

The 2013 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade -  Drake Muth (2-time winner!)

     7th Grade -  Aidan Murphy

     6th Grade -  Jacob White

The 2012 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade -  Connor Zawasky

     8th Grade -  Daniel Flynn

     6th Grade -  Sean Higgins

The 2011 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade -  Jake Marconi

     7th Grade -  Haven Williams

     6th Grade -  Drake Muth

The 2010 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade -  Tate Knight (3-time winner!)

     8th Grade -  Cooper Kerr

     6th Grade -  Brandan Reid

The 2009 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade - Kevin Burke  

     7th Grade - Robby Zawasky

     6th Grade - TJ Connelly

The 2008 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade - Race Bianchi  

     7th Grade - Tyler Macgillivray

 6th Grade - Mark Mariewicz

The 2007 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade - Matthew Fox (2-time winner!)  

     8th Grade - Chris Reid (2-time winner!)

     5th Grade - Tate Knight (2-time winner!)

The 2006 winners for each team are:

     8th Grade - Drew Orsini (2-time winner!)

     7th Grade - Matthew Fox 

     4th Grade - Tate Knight        

The 2005 winners for each team are:

      8th Grade - Stuart Deland and Dan Reid (a tie)

      7th Grade - Drew Orsini

      6th Grade - Chris Reid


 Lifetime Award

In 2005, we also awarded an antique lacrosse stick to the director of our league, John Carpenter.  While John demonstrates Sportsmanship, Leadership, Teamwork, and Commitment, he has also shown us all a passion for the sport.  The Windsor Youth Lacrosse League would not be what it is today without his hard work & dedication over the past 7 years.  Contrary to the player recipients, John will keep his antique Lacrosse stick as a sign of our never ending gratitude.

Congratulations to all the recipients!  We look forward to seeing you in 2007 to pass your antique lacrosse stick onto next year's winners! We will also create a plaque with the winners' names that will hang in L.P.Wilson recreation center (hopefully) for all to see!

These are not only characteristics that are vital to our lacrosse league, but they are characteristics that will help the kids in the future as they grow into respectful young men and then into mature, responsible adults.  This league supports the boys in their journey to maturity and would like to encourage them to choose the right path along the way.