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 Off-Ice Training Benefits    

  • Skate Faster    
  • Shoot with more power
  • Increase your checking explosiveness
  • Don't get knocked off the puck
  • Be high energy late in the third period
  • Enhance team dynamics by training like the pros

Wear: Socks, White-Soled Tennis Shoes, Shorts and T-Shirt

Off-Ice training centers can help you improve
Increased strength, improved quickness and agility and a better fitness level are goals
There is no truth to the rumor that the cost of ice time is related to gasoline prices. No, OPEC doesn’t control our frozen water.
But with ice time at a premium, coaches and teams strive to get the most out of on-ice practice time.  With breakouts, systems and time spent on individual skills like passing and shooting, it’s up to a player to put in some extra time off the ice to build strength and increase fitness and agility.
So more and more hockey players are improving their game at off-ice training facilities, which are excellent for getting in shape and strengthening core muscles, and can also help players improve their hockey specific skills.
Each facility offers a little different twist on basically the same goal – to create a better athlete. And in our case, to create a better hockey player.
Michigan Hockey took a look at a handful of these off-ice training facilities that tend to focus on developing hockey-specific skills and areas that will make hockey players stronger, faster – and better: