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MARA Major League Fall 2018 Local Rules


1.   Continuous Batting - If a player arrives late, they will be placed at the end of the lineup without penalty.


2.       Time Limit - Majors regular season games during the week will have a 1 hour and 50 minute time limit. All regular season games during the weekend (including Fridays) will have a 2 hour time limit. All playoff games will have no time limit. 1. Playoffs - There will be no time limit to playoff games.


3.       Slaughter and Run Rules - Maximum of 7 runs for each team in the 1s1inning, then can only go ahead by 7 additional runs each inning afterward, except the 6thinning which there is not run limit. The 1O run rule applies beginning in the 4thinning.


4.      Big Barrel Bats - Not Allowed All Bast must comply with USA 2018 Bat Standard


5.       Substitution - Consistent with Cal Ripken Rules, free substitution for all players, except pitchers which follow individual league pitching rules which are defined in IX, Section 2 - 8. No player may sit more than 2 innings in a 6- inning game. No player may sit 2 innings consecutively. In the event of an injury, both coaches must agree to the proper thing to do.


6.      Minimum Players - Consistent with Cal Ripken Rules, a team in Majors must have 9 players to start and finish a game. If a team does not have the minimum number of players required for a regular season game, a substitute player from the next league down may play during the regular season. The substitute player must bat last and is not permitted to pitch. Teams that are not able to start and finish a game with the minimum number of players forfeit the game. No regular season substitutions are permitted for teams that have the minimum number of players from their own roster. No substitutions are permitted in the playoffs. When a team is playing with the minimum number of players, in the event of an injury and a player is not able to return to the game within 5 minutes of the injury, it is at the discretion of the opposing coach whether the game can be continued or is forced to forfeit. The decision must be made before the next pitch is made.


7.      Pitching Rules: Pitchers are limited to 85 pitches per day. 1-40 pitches require O days rest, 41-65 requires 1 day rest, 66 to 85 requires 2 days rest. If a pitcher reaches 85 pitches while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until the batter reaches base safely or is put out.


       It is each teams responsibility to report pitch counts to the commissioner after each game.

       Games in which an ineligible pitcher has been used, as specified above, shall be declared forfeited.

       Coach is allowed 2 visits per inning to the mound; the second visit he must remove the current pitcher; a visit to the mound during warm ups between innings is considered an official visit for that inning

       Once a player is removed from pitching the player may not re-enter the game as a pitcher


8.       Base Runner Contact- must try to avoid contact. Umpires have full discretion to make the correct call in these situations.


9.       Head First Sliding - Allowed


10.       Slashing - Not allowed. If a batter shows bunt, the batter cannot pull back and swing away. The batter can pull back and take the pitch. Penalty if this occurs: team warning, batter is out, and all runners return back to the previous base. Second occurrence: batter is out, all runners return back to the previous base, player is ejected from the game


11.       Running for Catcher - only allowed with two outs and the player who made the last batted out must be the substitute runner. A player is only deemed the catcher if they played the position in the previous inning. Running for the catcher is NOT allowed during the playoffs.


12.       Pitchers - any pitcher who hits more than 2 players in an inning or 3 in a game MAY be removed from the game

at the discretion of the umpire. The pitcher is NOT required to be removed.


13. Complete Games - when 3.5/4.0 innings are complete in regular season. Playoff games will always be played to completion. Extra innings are allowed within the time limit of the game. If the time limit has been exceeded than a single extra inning is allowed, unless playoffs. Playoff games will not end based on weather or darkness, they will be suspended based on the "Suspended Game" rule.


14. Suspended Games - are games that are not "Complete Games"

       Regular Season - games suspended by weather or other reasons, prior to being a complete game, shall be rescheduled and the game will re-start from the beginning and pitched innings will be erased and not count.

       Playoffs - games suspended by weather or other reasons shall be re-scheduled and start at the point in which the game was originally suspended .


15.  Balk - umpires are allowed to give one warning per pitcher per game before calling a balk. This rule is in effect fo both spring and fall seasons. Warnings are not allowed during the playoffs.


16.  In the playoffs, the higher seed is always the home team. The only situation where this does not apply is during a double elimination championship game in which the loser's bracket team beats the winner's bracket team. Determination of the home team for the final game will be by coin flip.


Ejections -Any coach or player that is ejected from a game for any reason, will be required to leave the facility immediately an

will be suspended from the next game regardless of regular season or playoffs. Minimum number of players rule appli