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Registration is Now Closed for Spring Track


MARA Track will be offering a Spring session, starting Tuesday, April 2.


Coach LaKisha Williams and her assistant coaches are pleased to announce that the Spring program is ready to go. Athletes will have an opportunity to work with older athletes to find their gift and talent on the track and in the field.  Sprinters will learn how to sprint, improve their running form and how to use starting blocks.  Distance runners will learn how to break down their events into smaller, more approachable races, pacing and breathing techniques, and power during the kick phase.  Jumpers and throwers will have the opportunity to work on their techniques and goal-setting as well. Athletes of all ability levels and sports are welcome!


You can expect our coaches to:


- Provide respectful, positive, and fun track-learning experience

- Improve each athlete's technical skills, leadership skills, and conditioning

- Improve each athlete's understanding of track as a team AND individual sport

- Improve each athlete's personal records

- Encourage each athlete to make friends and have fun during their experience

- Introduce Plyometric training

- Explain and improve body control

- Increase each athlete's flexibility, coordination, and endurance

- Encourage each athlete to demonstrate leadership skills



The program will run for 10 practices over the course of approximately 5-6 weeks (depending on weather), and will culminate with an end of season track meet at Charlotte Christian School’s track. Our program is targeted toward athletes ages 6-13.  The cost for the Spring session is $135.00. The program is scheduled to begin Tuesday, April 2 at 6 pm with the track meet currently scheduled for Saturday, May 18 (subject to change – will confirm at first practice). 


All Tuesday practices will be at the MARA football field from 6:00-7:00 pm. All Saturday practices will be located at the Charlotte Christian School track/football stadium from 10:00 am – 11:30.  No uniform is required, however athletes should wear gym/phys ed. type clothing and comfortable, well-fitting running shoes. Please contact Tania Erman, MARA Track Commissioner, at taniaerman@yahoo.com with any questions.