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Babe Ruth Age 13-16

Steve Brooks Commissioner



MARA is proud to offer competitive baseball via the Babe Ruth program for ages 13-16.  Parents and players continually seek out programs at this age level and MARA is committed to offering a robust playing environment in both the fall and spring/summer. 

Starting in the spring of 2016, our organization has taken steps to further strengthen the offerings within this age bracket.   The platform that will be fully integrated by spring of 2017 will offer the following levels of play:

1.      Age 13 only – A great environment for players having previously played in the Majors division (boys that played as 12 year olds in the spring can “move up” to this level in the fall).  All players in this grouping will be new to the larger field.

2.      Ages 14-15  – Offers a great balance of competition and camaraderie for middle school and/or high school freshman.  Competition at this level will help improve and keep skills sharp.

3.      Ages 16-18  – Competitive play for athletes that love the game who may or may not be playing full time via school programs.


Highlights specific to all age brackets:

·         Unlimited access to fantastic MARA facilities

·         Spring Season runs April-June (games commence in May to allow for completion of school season);  Fall Season runs post Labor Day through end of October

·         Compete vs. other Union and Mecklenburg county organizations- league champions are determined

·         “Challenge” and “All Star Trail” play also available in addition to league play