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2017 Fall Football Cheer Forms

Below is a list of the paperwork that will be required for all 2017 Fall Cheer participants.

1. One (1) copy of participant's birth certificate (if you participated in the 2016 fall season and already turned in a copy, you will not need to provide another one).

2. One (1) copy of participant's full year report card. Must include all 4 quarters. (Not required for those entering kindergarten in fall 2017).

3. Pop Warner Participant Contract/Parental Consent Form (click to download)

4. Pop Warner Physical Fitness & Medical History Form (click to download)
**All participants will be required to have a physical dated in 2017 and completed on the Pop Warner Physcial Fitness form. No one will be permitted to participate in any practices or games until a completed 2017 physical has been turned in.**

**Please be sure to completely fill out the Pop Warner forms. This will save the commissioners a lot of time going back and forth to get all the paperwork completed. Some common areas missed:

• Participant Contract/Parental Consent: Participant Name at top of page 2 must be first and last name exactly as they appear on birth certificate.

• Participant Contract/Parental Consent: Participants must sign & print their full name at the bottom of page 2 of the participant contract. They can print their name if they're too young to sign. If they're too young to print their own name, you can do so for them.

• Medical History: Be sure to provide insurance information. Group and ID numbers can be provided in place of Policy and Membership numbers, respectively.

• Medical History: Explain any "Yes" answers on the set of "Yes/No" questions. This information is extremely important for coaches to know so they can be aware of any food allergies and/or medical conditions that may require special attention during practices/games.