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Welcome to the Empire Amateur Hockey Conference website. Remember that our site is continuously evolving and we will add to it over time. Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our conference. Members of the EAHC Board who supervise this league can be found on the "Contacts" page on the left hand side of this page.

This year the EAHC will manage and supervise league play for approximately 100 youth hockey teams in the greater Rochester area. Teams range from RWB 6U & 8U through Midget 18U. 6U participate in several Cross Ice Jamborees hosted by local rinks and member organizations. 8U play Half Ice Games at the White & Blue skill levels. Squirt 10U & Peewee 12U teams play a 16 game schedule at the White & Blue levels. Squirt/10U & Peewee/12U Red teams will pay 10 games in the Thruway Series against Red teams in Snowbelt (Syracuse) and a 12 game season against teams in Empire. Older divisions do not separate by skill level. Bantam 14U play an 18 game schedule & Midget 18U teams play a 20 game schedule. Our EAHC 2018-2018 hockey season runs from October, 2018 through February, 2019 with playoffs for 10U thru 18U divisions from February 21 to February 23, 2019 and Championship Finals on Sunday February 24, 2019 at Batavia's Falleti Arena.
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Travel Midget Request to Play on an Empire Midget Team
The Empire Conference is pleased to announce that it will continue...
Upcoming EAHC Board Meetings
The November EAHC Monthly Meeting is Monday 11/12/2018 @...
Message to All Coaches
Message to All Empire Coaches: During the second week of January,...
Travel Midget Request to Play on an Empire Midget Team

The Empire Conference is pleased to announce that it will continue to offer the opportunity for Midget Travel Players to petition the EAHC/Empire Conference for permission to play on a Empire Midget Team.  This opportunity is intended for those Midget players who have no High School Varsity or JV/Club team to play for after the split season Midget season is over in early November.  

Midget players who are cut from a High School team or their school district/school does not offer a High School team, and their Midget Travel season is completed may petition Empire by filling out the Form located under the Forms tab at the top of the EAHC Home page above.  In order to be eligible to play for a EAHC Midget Team, your Midget Travel Season must be completed (i.e. all league, scrimmage & tournament games finished) & you MUST be home schooled, attend a high school that has no Varsity team, be cut (ineligible) from all high school associated teams and not be on a JV/Club team. This Petition Process is ONLY for players with no team (HS Varsity, JV or Club League) to play for after the Midget Travel season completes in November.  

Once the form is filled out, reviewed by EAHC Board (at the November & December EAHC Meetings & by email if needed), and Midget team openings determined, you will be notified of the EAHC Midget team you have been assigned to.  We try to assign players to their 1st choice team but players should realize that EAHC will steer players to teams that have less than 17 players first rather than trying to fill 1 or 2 spots on your preferred team provided the assignment makes geographical sense and does not upset the Midget division balance.  Note that you will be required to obtain a Release if you are changing organizations and pay the fees set by the organization of the team you are assigned to.

Each EAHC Midget Team is limited to a MAXIMUM of 2 Petitioned Midget Travel Players for the 2018-19 Season. Each Midget Team is limited to a maximum of 18 skaters & 2 Goalies by USA Hockey rules and may not have room to add petitioned Midget Travel players. Also, Head Coaches and the organizatiion may choose whether to accept new players. Some orgs may not.

The sizes of each Midget Team & # of Openings (Max: 2) are as follows:
       MCYH    Castronovo         17        Lakeshore    TBD              
       MCYH   Blowers              14        Lakeshore    Open Positions: 2
       MCYH   Goodhue            15+1        Scottsville    Open Positions: 1
       PYH        Hensel                17+2    RIC (TC)      NO OPENINGS                      
       PYH        Marshall             19        RIC (TC)      1 Goalie Opening
       Webster   McGrail              18        Webster        TBD                        
       Webster  Coulombe          15+1   Webster         Open Positions: 1
       TCYH     Pilon                  15+1   Brockport      Open Positions: 1
       RYH        Smith                14+1         BGRIP         Open Positions: 1
       Batavia     Cryer                 17         Falleti          None
       Canandaigua Gwynn       14     GCCC         Open Positions: 2

PETTITION will be reviewed and approved/denied within 10 days after submittal.  Players should plan on 10 days to complete paperwork and registration steps after they are approved by the Empire Board before they can play.

If you have any questions, please contact the Empire Representative for the organization you are currently playing for.  The Contacts page (link on the lefthand side of this page) wil have contact info for the Reps for every organization.

by posted 10/28/2018
Upcoming EAHC Board Meetings

The November EAHC Monthly Meeting is Monday 11/12/2018 @ 7:00 PM at the Bill Grey's Regional Iceplex

This meeting is open to all.  Agenda items and requests to speak should sent to the Empire President, VP and Secretary one week before the meeting date.  Meetings are held in the conference room opposite Rink #3. 
Preliminary Team Counts are due at this Meeting.  Orgs not present should email their counts to the President before the Meeting.

The Pre-Scheduling/Commissioner Training Meeting is on Monday 9/24/2018 @ 7 PM at Bill Gray's Regional IcePlex
All Org Reps and Commissioners are required to attend. Agenda will include: FINAL team counts, discussion of Justifications, finalization of Scheduling Meeting Details, and Commissioner Training.

The December EAHC Monthly Meeting is Monday 12/10/2018 @ 7:00 PM at the Bill Grey's Regional Iceplex

This meeting is open to all.  Agenda items and requests to speak should sent to the Empire President, VP and Secretary one week before the meeting date.  Meetings are held in the conference room opposite Rink #3.   

ALL EAHC Rosters are Frozen on 12/31/2018 If you need further information on dates, please consult the Events Calendar on the right hand side of the Home page.  Empire Contact Information can be found on the Empire Contacts page accessed thru the link on the lef side of the Home page.

by posted 07/01/2018


To Empire and Snowbelt Coaches, Managers, Parents and Players:

      The Empire Amateur Hockey Conference and the Snowbelt Hockey League are excited to announce the inter-conference Thruway Series and Cup competition for the 2018-19 Season!

      RED DIVISION SQUIRT/10U and RED DIVISION PEEWEE/12U teams from Empire and Snowbelt will have the option to compete in a season-long competition, with home-and-home scheduling of approximately 8-10 additional games, Series standings kept for each age division, and a four-team one day Thruway Cup bracketed playoff for the top two Thruway Series finishers from each conference.

      Only RED DIVISION SQUIRT/10U and RED DIVISION PEEWEE/12U teams have the option to participate in the Thruway Series and Cup for 2018-19. To accommodate the Thruway Series and be in step with Snowbelt, Empire has now formally approved a change to Red/White/Blue division classifications, replacing the prior A/B designations.

      Over the past month, Peewee/12U teams previewed the Thruway Series in a collection of games, all held in Rochester. Several strong Snowbelt squads traveled to play challenging Rochester area competition, resulting in great action and competitive games – overall Snowbelt came out on top 4 games to 3.

      Starting with the upcoming 2018-19 season, the Thruway Series will provide Empire and Snowbelt teams with the opportunity to experience this great level of play all season, against strong competition in awesome new places and rinks, all while competing in both regular Empire or Snowbelt league play and the Thruway Series. USA Hockey rules and policies will govern all rostering, on-ice play and rink activity, at all age levels.

      The Empire and Snowbelt Boards are working on developing more structure and providing more information for the Thruway Series, including classification of Red Division teams, opt-in mechanism for Thruway Series participation, assigning designated weekends for Thruway Series play, hosting of playoffs in the spring of 2019, and budgeting for Thruway Series expenses to conclude the Squirt/10U and Peewee/12U competitions with that playoff to award the Thruway Cup.

      We will be working diligently to develop this new opportunity for our organizations and players, and will have more information out to everyone very soon. Please do not hesitate to contact your Empire or Snowbelt representative with any questions about the Empire/Snowbelt Thruway Series!


      Jayme Hurwitz, President                             Doug Lindsey, President
       (Home Org: Rochester Youth Hockey)                 (Home Org: Fulton Youth Hockey)

by posted 03/22/2018
Message to All Coaches

Message to All Empire Coaches:

During the second week of January, Nick Tochelli, our local Supervisor of Officials sent a letter to all the local Presidents.  Hopefully by now, most of you have seen the letter (or heard about it) from your House Director or President.  It was primarily aimed at the Squirt Coaches but the message applies to all new Coaches and also to those of you with 5, 10 or even 20 years of coaching experience.  The theme is to improve team interactions with the referees before we reach a crisis point where Coaches are receiving suspensions regularly and Empire starts bringing coaches in for hearings.  ...

The rest of the message posted here has been moved to the Tab Entitled "Message to All Coaches" on the left hand side of this page.

by posted 01/18/2017
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