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Welcome To MARA Home on the Web!


Welcome to the Matthews Athletic & Recreation Association Website!!

Mara is located at 1200 South Trade St
In Matthews, NC 28105

@Arthur Goodman Park
We Are Not a Public Park
Mailing Address
PO Box 1023
Matthews, NC 28106

MARA Concession 704-847-0177
From 6:00pm to 8:30 pm
Only During Spring & Fall Seasons

Lost and Found Is Located near Main Concession in the Breezeway in front of the Restrooms

Mara is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization
All Donations Made to Mara areTax Deductible

We are a family oriented volunteer organization that provides a fun environment, quality facilities, expert instruction, and the highest level of coaching to ensure every child has an enjoyable learning experience with the opportunity to reach their full potential.   We realize that the success of any organization requires various leaders at all levels. We certainly could not operate or be successful without the endless commitment of all administrators, coaches, volunteers, and you, the valued members of the organization.

We hope this website will provide useful and valuable info for all MARA sports. We provide current key contacts, schedules and tournaments for the upcoming or current seasons. Please be sure to visit regularly to get the latest updates.  Matthews Athletic and Recreation Association is an equal opportunity organization.



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Bat Demo Day at DICKS January 20 from 10am-1pm
Attention: All baseball players in machine pitch through majors will...
Registration Is Now Open For Spring Sports
Registration is now open for Winter Track,Winter Dance, Spring Cheer,...
Grand Slam 2017-2018 Training Programs
Grand Slam USA's 2017-2018 Training Programs Are...
Cars Left in Parking Lot after 10PM
Dear MARA Families, Please do not leave your car in the parking...
Mara Volleyball !!!
    MARA Members,    We are pleased...
Just a Reminder Lightning Warning System
WEATHER WARNING SYSTEM Safety of the players, spectators,...
NEW MARA SPONSORSHIP DIRECTOR   MARA is pleased to announce...
Handicapped Parking At Mara
Handicapped Parking at MARA Please be respectful of the Handicapped...
Park Rules
NO     Dogs Allowed In the Park NO    ...
Map Of Mara Fields
MARA Members,   Due to a large number of occurrences of other...
Chesney Glen Parking Issue
MARA Members: I hope everyone is enjoying the season! Thank...
Vehicle Parking On Sidewalk
Mara Members: We received an email from Chief Rob Hunter of...
What Your Mara Fees Cover
What does my registration fee include?  Regular season games,...
Lost and Found 704-847-0177
Lost and Found is Located in the breezeway in front of the restrooms...
Bat Demo Day at DICKS January 20 from 10am-1pm

Attention: All baseball players in machine pitch through majors will need a NEW USA Bat to play at MARA this spring!!

For ages 13-16 bat details can be found here: http://leag1.com/Page.asp?n=11124&org=MARABASEBALL

Come out and demo the new bats for baseball inside (golf simulator area) at DICK'S Matthews location, Saturday, January 20 from 10am to 1pm and receive 20% off your total purchase*. There will be an assortment of baseball bats and softball bats to try out before purchasing. For more information on new bat requirements, visit: http://protips.dickssportinggoods.com/sports-and-activities/baseball/2018-usa-baseball-youth-bat-standard-change

Note: New requirements are for baseball only.

*Some exlusions apply, see store for details.

by posted 01/13/2018
Registration Is Now Open For Spring Sports

Registration is now open for Winter Track,Winter Dance, Spring Cheer, Spring Baseball/Softball, Spring Flag Football  Just click the sport you want to register for at the top of this page. www.marasports.org

Questions Contact your League Commissioners:

Chairman Bat & Ball Sports at Mara Age 4-16

Anthony Andujar




Over All Baseball Commissioner Age 4-16

Andy Hunt



T-Ball  4-5

Dan Buttrey



Machine Pitch  6-8 AA

Kenny Coble



Machine Pitch 6-8 AAA

Eric Biermann



Minors  9-10

Luca Reyner




Majors 11-12

Chad Bost




Baseball  13-16

Steve Brooks



Softball Commissioner

Chang Zeng




Past Softball Commissioner

Paul Sullivan




Football Commissioner ( Flag & Trackle)

Deon Boswell




Cheer & Dance Commissioner

Laura Budd




Track Commissioner

Tania Erman





by posted 12/15/2017
Grand Slam 2017-2018 Training Programs
Grand Slam USA's 2017-2018 Training Programs Are Here & Registration Has Already Started!
The 207-2017 Fall/Winter Lineup is here, and registration has already started!  Baseball & FastPitch classes begin in October & run through February every 4 weeks.  Check out our website for the class schedules & pricing @ www.grandslamusa.org to register.  Class size is limited.  Grand Slam USA is the #1 Teaching Facility in Charlotte! 
Rookie Development
Youth Hitting
Catchers Specialty
FastPitch Hitting
FastPitch Pitching
Holiday Camps
Charlotte's largest selection of equipment in one shop!  Individual Instruction, Classes, Clinics & Holiday Camps.
  704-847-5333 - GRAND SLAM USA - 704-847-5333

by Mara Baseball posted 11/11/2017
Cars Left in Parking Lot after 10PM

Dear MARA Families,

Please do not leave your car in the parking lot as we like to lock the gate at 10pm.  Your car could be subject to be locked in and you would not be able to get it until the following day. Thank you for your coorporation on this. 
In an ongoing effort to make the Matthews Athletic & Recreation Association the finest youth sports organization in the area, we are making several improvements and additions to our park security. These features will protect the organizations assets as well as providing an extra level of safety to you and your children.
First and foremost, many of you may have already noticed the security gates at the park entrance at the stoplight. These gates are currently locked open to allow everyone time to adjust to seeing them. We will begin utilizing these gates on a daily basis on September 1, 2017. The Board of Directors has adopted Park Hours that will be enforced. The new park hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday: Park opens at 3:00 pm and closes at 10:00 pm
            Saturday: Park opens at 7:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm
            Sunday: Park opens at 10:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm

There will be numerous signs posted around the park grounds stating the new hours as well as being posted on the MARA website.
During the Winter months (Mid-November through Mid-February) the gates will remain closed on most days as our primary field sports, baseball, softball and football; are off season. During summer months, the weekday hours will adjust to an 8:00 am opening to allow for All Star team practices and to accommodate the numerous summer camps held at MARA.
The upper parking lot will not be gated and will be open year round for MARA members to park and utilize the park grounds during operating hours when the main gates are locked during the Winter.
Our second measure of security is the installation of video surveillance cameras for the park grounds and property. We have a number of cameras that are being installed and will record 24 hours a day to provide video evidence for vandalism, theft and other crimes.
Thank you for being a part of this wonderful organization and supporting the new security enhancements to the park!


by posted 09/01/2017
Mara Volleyball !!!



MARA Members, 


We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with PEAK Volleyball, and can now offer a MARA Volleyball program for athletes that are interested in playing Volleyball.  This past month, we offered two free Volleyball clinics,  which demonstrated a good level of interest and participation.  We are now happy to offer to our membership the opportunity to register for the PEAK Volleyball league and represent as MARA teams.  Players will be trained by certified coaches, and have the opportunity to compete against other teams in the area.  


Please use the link below for further information and registration:



<div id="aolmail_LPTitle_15035845426650.9555931289003565" style="top: 0px; color: rgb(0, 120, 215); font-size: 21px; font-family: wf_segoe-ui_light, " segoe="" ui="" light",="" "segoe="" wp="" ui",="" wp",="" tahoma,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" line-height:="" 21px;"="">Peak Volleyball Recreational Programs at Indian Trail
Bronze Fundamentals K-3rd Grade is for our youngest volleyball players. Boys and girls, Kindergarten through Third Grade are welcome. Lighter volleyballs, fun drills ...

by posted 08/24/2017
Just a Reminder Lightning Warning System


Safety of the players, spectators, and officials is our main concern at MARA
No weather event is more dangerous than lightning. Because of this
threat, we have installed the Thorguard Lightning Prediction System.
This system can provide advance warning of a lightning hazard, allowing
you the time to seek shelter. The system continually monitors and
evaluates the electrostatic atmosphere and predicts the probability
of a lightning hazard in the immediatearea of our facility.
You will be alerted by one loud horn blast that will last 15 seconds.
Upon hearing the horns, everyone should seek shelter immediately.
When this occurs, strobe lights located on the top of the horns
will activate and remain active while under a weather alert.
Every attempt should be made to seek shelter in a safe environment like a permanent building or car. The Thorguard system will determine when conditions are safe to return. Three 5-second blasts will indicate that all is clear and the strobe lights will cease operation.
Athletic Fields & Bleachers
Open Areas
Field Lighting Poles
Isolated Trees
High Elevation
Questions regarding Weather and Field Conditions contact
Mara Weather Line: 704-845-6337 or your Commissioners.


by posted 06/04/2017



MARA is pleased to announce Monique Brooks as our new sponsorship Director.

You may recognize the Brooks’ name. They are very active MARA members participating in baseball, football, Steve is our Babe Ruth Commissioner and a baseball coach. Monique brings a wealth of advertising knowledge and networking skills to our organization.

If you are a potential sponsor or know of someone or a business who may be a good fit to sponsor MARA please reach out to Monique, 980-297-1308 or .

Either way please congratulate Monique on her new endeavor.

by posted 11/02/2016
Handicapped Parking At Mara
Handicapped Parking at MARA
Please be respectful of the Handicapped parking spaces. If you do not have a placard that allows you to park there, you will risk a fine and having your car towed.

by Mara Board posted 09/19/2016
Park Rules

NO     Dogs Allowed In the Park

NO     Inappropriate  Use OF Language

NO     Handguns Or Weapons Of Any Kind

NO     Drugs Allowed In the Park

NO     Alcoholic Beverages

NO     Tobacco Use Of Any Kind (cigarettes, vaporizers, chewing tobacco, etc.)

NO     Bicycles

NO     Motorized Bikes, Go Carts, ATV'S OR Scooters

NO     Skateboards, Hoverboards, Roller blades, or Roller Skates

NO     RC/ Airplanes, Model Rockets  

NO     Fireworks

NO     Kicking or Batting Balls Into Fences

NO     Climbing Fences Or Trees

NO     Climbing On Buildings Or Roofs

NO     Parking on Sidewalks (Matthews Police will ticket


Park at you own risk Mara is not responsible for your  vehicle or you property.


Handicapped Parking at MARA
Please be respectful of the Handicapped parking spaces. If you do not have a placard that allows you to park there, you will risk a fine and having your car towed.


Mara Is A Privately Owned And Operated Complex. It Is Not A Public Park. Use of Fields Are For Association Members Only.  Unauthorized Use Of This Property Will Be Viewed As Trespassing.  Violators Will Be Prosecuted For Any Of The Above.     


by posted 03/07/2016
Map Of Mara Fields

by posted 04/08/2014

MARA Members,
Due to a large number of occurrences of other members’ cars being boxed in, we are being forced to contract with Williams Wrecker towing company in order to tow any car that has boxed in another member’s car.
We understand that parking can be problematic at times but the instances we’ve seen in the last few weeks seem to be more around lack of awareness and not taking a few minutes to ensure the cars around you have a way of exiting their spots. Just this past weekend we had a situation that could have turned into a medical emergency as a result of a member’s elderly grandparent being stuck out in the sun and not able to leave for more than 90 minutes due to being boxed in.
During the week of April 29
th we will begin posting signs around the parking lots to ensure there is awareness of this need. Once all the signs are in, we will begin towing the situation arises. If your car is towed, you will need to contact Williams Wrecker (704) at 847-9309 to retrieve your vehicle from their facility on Industrial Drive in Matthews. There will be a fee of at least $120.
We apologize for having to take this action but out of consideration towards our membership, we feel this is the right action to take. Please use this weekend to start looking around after you park to ensure the cars around you are able to exit.

The MARA Board

by posted 09/01/2013
Chesney Glen Parking Issue

MARA Members:

I hope everyone is enjoying the season!

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding our crowded parking lot during the busy fall season. We are hoping to have 40 additional parking spaces on the MARA complex in early 2014 or sooner.

The Mathews Police Department has notified us that anyone parking in the Chesney Glen Subdivision must do so in a fashion that does not impede traffic or visibility into and out of the neighborhood. In addition, anyone parking in front of a residence must stay on the road and not in a yard without blocking access into a driveway.

Any improper parking issue within the Chesney Glen Subdivision can result in a citation and/or towing of a vehicle(s).  


by posted 09/01/2013
Vehicle Parking On Sidewalk
Mara Members:

We received an email from Chief Rob Hunter of the Matthews Police Department asking me to communicate to parents & coaches that when parking in the front parking lot (closest to South Trade Street), vehicles 
SHOULD NOT PARK on the Sidewalk.  There are many citizens who use that sidewalk, including parents pushing strollers, and over the past few weeks, he has observed several vehicles either pulling (straight in parking) to far on to the sidewalk and some (parking parallel) parking half on the side walk and half on the gravel.

He knows it is Mara's desire to be 'good neighbors', and he does not want to have to issue $50 parking fines, but his officers will have to to this if violations continue.

Kathy Duncan
Mara Administrative Assistant

by posted 09/01/2013
What Your Mara Fees Cover
What does my registration fee include?
  •  Regular season games, plus post-season games
  • Team practices and use of MARA facilities 
  • Uniforms
  • Umpires
  • Insurance (thru MARA) for your child
  • Field Maintenance
  • Electricity for the field lights
  • Team equipment
  • MARA Membership
  • Miscellaneous – MARA is an approximately 25-acre park maintained fully by your membership dollars and donations; MARA is not funded by any municipality; every dollar goes towards the park. Financial statements are available upon request.

by posted 06/24/2013
Lost and Found 704-847-0177

Lost and Found is Located in the breezeway in front of the restrooms near the Main Concessions. Check There Before You Call. They are open from 6:00PM to 8:30pm During the Week and from 9AM to 3pm on Saturday During the Spring and Fall Season. 704-847-0177

by webmaster posted 03/06/2012
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