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SSA Travel Soccer: An Introduction
SSA Travel Soccer: An Introduction A MESSAGE FOR ALL SSA FAMILIES...
SSA Volunteer Opportunities
SSA VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES (Updated - September 2013) Volunteers...
Welcome to the web home of the Seymour Soccer Association! ...
SSA Travel Soccer: An Introduction

SSA Travel Soccer: An Introduction


SSA is excited that you’ve decided to participate in our Program!  Our Club is a member of the South Central District (SCD), one of the seven districts that make up the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA).  CJSA & SCD are affiliated with the Youth Soccer Association, US Soccer, and FIFA.

SSA's In-House Program is for ages U6 and U8 and focuses on soccer basics.  Travel Soccer, however, is a more competitive “step up."  The most notable differences are that teams are no longer co-ed, the game is played on a larger field with multiple referees, and that games are played both home and away against teams from other communities.  There is also more recognition of the rules such as off-sides and what constitutes a foul.  At the Travel Soccer level, your child will learn the more intricate aspects of “the beautiful game” and hopefully develop a greater love and appreciation for the sport.

Soccer club travel teams are placed by SCD in a league.  Within each league there are divisions based on the ages and skill level of the team.  SSA attempts to place each of its teams in the appropriate SCD divisions to best develop our players, however SCD makes the final determination.  There are Recreational SCD Divisions which focus more on developmental training.  There are also Competitive SCD Divisions for teams at a higher level which focus more on advanced skills. 

Here is some important information about SSA to be better informed prior to the start of the season:

  • Seymour Travel Teams are predominantly Recreational Level.
  • Team Coaches and Team Managers are volunteers and adhere to strict SCD and SSA guidelines.
  • All Recreational players are to play a minimum of half of every game except for reasons of injury, illness, or discipline by a referee.
  • Teams with large rosters will utilize a “pool play” game model to provide players more playing time during games and allow the Coach to be more efficient with game management.  Speak to your Coach for details if your child’s team will be using “pool play” this season.
  • CJSA, SCD, and SSA Rules are in place for all Recreational Travel Soccer Program teams to discourage large goal differences and promote good sportsmanship during games.  For instance, SCD Vice President Joe Conte informed SSA officials recently that the “5 Goal Rule” will be enforced and coaches dismissed if they do not adhere to it this fall.  SSA strongly recommends all families and volunteers familiarize themselves with the Travel Packet available on the SCD website for all SCD Recreational Travel League details.

SSA’s goal at the Travel Soccer level is to provide players with a solid, structured foundation for continuous improvement season after season.  It is critical for supporters and coaches to not lose focus on this overall objective.  If a Travel team becomes too strong for its division, SCD will work with SSA to relocate the team to a more appropriate division the next season where the players will be better challenged and continue to improve.

We as adults must never allow the desire to win a game interfere with providing our players the opportunity to learn, play, have fun, and improve.  Aggressive behavior on the sidelines, whether from a coach or a supporter, will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the field.  Furthermore, at Recreational levels SSA expects and demands that our Coaches, players, and parents be respectful not only towards each other but also to the opposition and referees.  SSA has a good reputation with SCD and our surrounding communities and the SSA Board insists that SSA remain a member in good standing with SCD.  Let’s keep things positive!

That said, it is easy to get caught up in a “winning mentality” (especially when you have a successful team) and forget that the children on the opposing team are also young and still developing.  Support for all players at a developmental level is paramount to set them on the right track.  Sometimes a few kind words from an opposing team parent, coach, or player can resonate for years to come with a kid.  SSA promotes such behavior and expects good relationships with other towns.

Although predominantly Recreation level, SSA also offers an additional opportunity for players who wish to be more competitive and push themselves to their maximum potential.  SSA will always encourage such players to pursue those ambitions and such an option is to play with SSA partner Academica Futbol Club (AFC).  SSA and AFC have partnered for multiple years.  SSA utilizes curriculum provided by AFC for all coaches and age groups based on our shared philosophy of player development and enjoying the game (not based on winning).  SSA provides AFC professional coaches at the U10 level for our girls and boys teams because U10 is the age that kids make the most progress and teaching soccer’s building blocks is integral for success at the high school level.  Players who want to further develop their skills can also participate in SSA/AFC winter clinics and summer camps.  Please click the AFC link to learn more about AFC

SSA has had success over the years with our Travel Program framework and its partnership with AFC.  SSA Travel Program teams have traditionally been strong and are fundamentally sound.  Whether it is introducing a player to the sport who has never touched a ball, or welcoming a Competitive Team player into the fold, SSA will do its best to keep ALL of our players progressing season after season…and hopefully build team bonds and friendships that will last for years to come!

We hope that this communication is informative and clarifies questions you may have about our Travel Soccer Program.  We look forward to another great season.  GO SEYMOUR!!!

by posted 08/24/2015
SSA Volunteer Opportunities

(Updated - September 2013)

Volunteers are the backbone of any community organization.  Volunteering for SSA is fun and rewarding!  Please consider volunteering to keep Seymour’s soccer program strong and support Seymour youth sports.
SOME positions are large – requiring a commitment of 10 or more hours per week, but MOST are very small – only about 3-4 hours PER YEAR.  See below for the number of volunteers needed for SSA programming.
Please email SSA at  if you would like to volunteer, or would like additional information.

Team Specific Positions
Coach/Assistant Coach
We look for coaches that have a desire to work with children and will promote SSA’s mission, vision, and objectives (see home page link on left).
Coaches will be provided an AFC curriculum for all practice sessions and work under the guidance of the AFC Coach Director.   Certification and training opportunities will be available for all coaches to further develop their skills.

Team Manager
Every SSA team needs a Team Manager.  The Team Manager facilitates communication between the coaches and families and assists the coach with communications, tournament registrations, clerical needs, etc.

Committee Opportunities

Fundraising Committee
A committee is needed to raise funds to offset the operational costs of SSA.  This committee works under the direction of the Board.  The prominent fundraising event is the SpringFest Beer & Wine Tasting.

  • Fundraising chairpersons: 2
  • Additional Committee members: 8
  • Time Commitment: between 3-5 hours per month until event.
Kick-off Day Picnic Committee
SSA hosts a “Kick-Off” picnic usually on a Sunday to celebrate the start of the Fall Soccer Season for its younger In-House Program players.  It is a fun day primarily meant to get people together and excited about the upcoming season. It is also an opportunity for coaches and team managers to introduce themselves to teams as well as for In-House Program players to receive uniforms and schedules. 

This committee works under the direction of the In-House Director and Treasurer.
  • Committee members: 2
  • Kick Off Day Volunteers: 3-5
  • Time Commitment: several hours; flexible time
Other Important Volunteer Positions
N/A at this time.

Open SSA Board Positions 
All open SSA board positions are filled in accordance with the designated process as defined in the SSA bylaws.  All board members are expected to be reliable and dependable, and conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner.   Board members are also expected to fulfill their duties as defined and stated in the bylaws.
Current open position(s):
Referee Coordinator (Non-voting position) -- Please contact SSA for further information regarding this position.  SSA Board is willing to entertain that this position be a voting position if prospective volunteer desires. 
by posted 09/30/2013
Welcome to the web home of the Seymour Soccer Association!  The SSA Board asks that you visit our site frequently as this will be the centralized resource for information.  Please check back regularly for news, scores, weather updates, coach and family materials, schedules, directions, registration information, and much more.
The mission of SSA is to provide a means of recreation to all the children of Seymour while promoting the sport of soccer and developing the skills of individual players.  SSA’s vision is to create and encourage an environment consistent with good sportsmanship, physical fitness, respect, team play, and having fun.
SSA believes that youth sports should construct a foundation of confidence and team collaboration that youngsters can transfer to their lives.  SSA is also proud to partner with Academica Futebol Club (AFC), a company composed of experienced soccer professionals that support SSA's volunteers and share SSA's goals. 

As the great coach John Wooden said, “Sports do not build character.  They reveal it.”  It is my hope that Seymour’s young people will indeed reveal their character and realize the joy that participating in soccer brings.
Thank you.  I look forward to continued success as well as the relationships to be made out on the pitch!
Very truly yours,
Al Bruno, SSA President
by posted 09/01/2012
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