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Youth Lacrosse Minnesota

The purpose of the YLM is to foster, promote and perpetuate the game of lacrosse for Minnesota’s youth.

Please use this email address for all inquires to the YLM

Thank you.

Please verify your schedule for YLM Championship games on Sat.

Please check for any last minute schedule for Saturday.

YLM State Tournament Link:


Good Luck to all teams

by posted 07/29/2016
YLM Championship brackets and results

The YLM Championship schedule and results will be posted on line at:


This will be the official source for results and schedule changes for the two days of the YLM Championships (July 30 to 31).

Good Luck to everyone playing this weekend.


YLM Board

by posted 07/29/2016
2016 YLM Tournament Rules and Overview

2016 YLM Tournament Rules and Overview


Thank you all very much for your patience as we pulled together the year-end tournament.  We know the process can sometimes be frustrating and we realize you receive the brunt of parental questions.  Please understand the schedule cannot be completed until all of the playoff games are finished, which occurs late in the week.  There were also a few weather related issues to deal with this week.  We are also using Tourney Machine for the first time this year, so we had a learning curve there as well.  Hopefully, everyone will be pleased with the new app.  


YLM State Tournament Link:
Download the free mobile app on the web page above for best results on a smart phone. The YLM page at TourneyMachine.com is the only place to view the game schedule and results. 


Follow @YouthLacrosseMN on Twitter for possible weather related updates and other important announcements during the Tournament.


Email   if you have specific questions that cannot be answered by the YLM representative at your event site.



Tournament rules 


Please also inform your parents that there are NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS allowed at any of the venues.  ANYONE caught with seeds will be required to leave the premises.  


The weather appears promising, so let’s have a great finish to the season.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Good luck to all the squads that will be participating and thank you again for your patience and understanding. 


YLM Board  


by posted 07/29/2016
State Tournament Update - Bloomington Venue Change

State Tournament Update

Due to a renovation project to the Jefferson High School track, the turf field is not available for this weekend's state tournament.  The Bloomington Public Schools facilities team has been monitoring the work progress and had kept space in reserve at Bloomington Kennedy High School as a contingency.  As of 1:00 pm today, it was decided to implement the contingency plan and move scheduled games to Kennedy High School.


State Tournaments on July 30 -31 sites :


U11A will held at Bloomington Kennedy HS.

U13B will be held at Bloomington Kennedy HS & Eden Prairie HS

U13A will be held at Bloomington Kennedy HS & Eden Prairie HS

U15B will be held at Chanhassen HS 

U15A will be held at Chanhassen HS 


We appreciate your patience and understanding.

by posted 07/28/2016
Overtime rules for district play-offs
For U13B and U15B district play-offs. Overtimes will consist of 4 minute periods until one team scores a goal. Teams will switch ends between periods. No time-outs during overtime
by posted 07/26/2016

Thursday July 21st, 2016


According to the NOAA the Heat Index be 105-111 this evening between 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM. 


YLM Policies require cancelation of all game and practice events under these conditions. 



by posted 07/21/2016

Wednesday July 20th, 2016


According to the NOAA temperatures between 6:00-8:30 PM tonight are expected to be 95 degrees or higher with a dew point of roughly 75. Based on their heat index calculator, the index would be 104-111 degrees over that time period. 


YLM Policies require cancelation of all game and practice events under these conditions. 



by posted 07/20/2016
District Playoffs and State Tournament Update

District Playoffs and State Tournament Update


The U13B and U15B district play-offs will be held the week of July 25th - 28th. All playoff games have been posted. They appear on each teams schedule on the YLM website.  Each team will need to provide one volunteer to run the table. 



State Tournaments on July 30 -31 sites :


U11A will held at Bloomington Jefferson HS.

U13B will be held at Bloomington Jefferson HS & Eden Prairie HS

U13A will be held at Bloomington Jefferson HS & Eden Prairie HS

U15B will be held at Chanhassen HS 

U15A will be held at Chanhassen HS 

by posted 07/18/2016
Game Cancellation Procedure
Cancellation Process
  1. The home team should contact the visiting team and the officials.
  2. Officials assigned to games are located on the website under "Game Information" on the left tool bar, then click "Officials."
  3. You will be prompted for a password, which is 2016YLM.
  4. The link to the PDF for that night's games are located on this page.
  5. Note the password and follow the link for the official's contact information.
  6. Use the Rescheduling Process below to notify the YLM that the game was cancelled. Do this whether or not the game will be rescheduled.
Rescheduling Process

If a game is not played, the home team may submit a reschedule request found on the website under Online Forms, which will be handled as follows:


  • The request must be complete and submitted through the YLM website by 8 am on the Saturday immediately after the original game date.
  • The request should fall under one of the criteria listed above but all requests will be reviewed.
  • The home team may suggest dates, but the YLM Scheduler and Assigner of Officials have the responsibility for selecting the date. Games will generally be rescheduled
    1. on a date when another team in the home association has a game
    2. a Friday
    3. during the week of July 4 for games in June.
  • Notification of the new game date, time and location will be through the YLM website


by posted 06/14/2016
2016 Game Change Request form

For the rest of the season, Please use the 2016 Game Change Request form for all requests for schedule changes.


Thank you


by posted 06/02/2016
2016 YLM coach & manager registration is up and on-line

Coaches and team managers can now register for the 2016 YLM SUMMER Season

Coach & Team Manager registration


Thank you


by posted 05/21/2016
US Lacrosse "Player Segmentation " guidelines
We have received a few questions with regard to the US Lacrosse "Player Segmentation" guidelines approved by the USL Board of Directors in January.  
Since the YLM is the only Gold Stick Applicant league in Minnesota, the YLM supports the clarification, analysis and guidance provided by US Lacrosse on appropriate age segmentation.  The YLM doesn't feel any changes to our current segmentation are required to remain in compliance with USL guidelines at this time.  The YLM has long believed that 9th graders should not be classified as youth players and the USL player segmentation policy provides clear support of this belief.  For 2016, the YLM player segmentation will be the same as approved by the Member Associations at the Annual Meeting.  As always, any specific questions or concerns should be directed to youthlaxmn@gmail.com.   Please also make note the approaching deadlines for team registrations for the 2016 summer season.  
YLM Board  

by posted 03/30/2016



January 15, 2016 - Deadline for Association registration and dues ($500). 

April 13, 2016 - Registration for pre-season opens on website.  Associations will provide the number of pre-season teams, the age & skill levels and weekends they want to participate.  The sites, dates and game times will be published by April 25th. 

April 15, 2016 - Field and Team registrations open on website.   

April 18, 2016 - Deadline to declare participation in pre-season play. 

May 5, 2016 - Deadline to pay pre-season jamboree team fees ($200/team). 

May 7 - 8th; 14 - 15th; 21 - 22nd, 2016 - Pre-season jamboree weekends. Host sites are needed.

May 16, 2016 - Deadline to register teams for YLM season.  Team fees due.  YLM will not accept late team registrations.

May 17, 2016 - Coach and CHILL Manager registration open on website.  Every Association is required to complete background checks on all coaches, certify that all coaches are compliant with Minnesota mandated concussion training, verify that all coaches are US Lacrosse members and that all Head Coaches have completed YLM certification training. Deadline to withdraw a team.

May 23, 2016 - Preliminary YLM schedule released to Association Administrators & District Directors for review.  DO NOT send or publish this version to your constituents. 

May 25, 2015 - YLM schedule made public. The first week of the season will be FIRM.  It is possible that the schedule may still change because of team subtractions and official’s assignments. It is important to check the schedule regularly throughout the YLM season.   

June 8 - 9th, 2016 - Some games may be scheduled for that Wednesday and Thursday night.   

June 13, 2016 - Full schedule of YLM games begin. 

July 1, 2016 - Final rosters due with players’ name, jersey #, US Lacrosse #.  Every Coach, CHILL Manager and Team Manager’s name and cell # needs to be current on the YLM website.  All are needed to receive the full association refund (up to $350). 

July 4 - 6th, 2016 - Blackout dates with no games.  

July 23 - 24th, 2016 - U9 and U11B jamborees.  Sites to be determined.  Host sites are needed.

July 25 - 30th, 2016 - Statewide B level playoffs for U15 and U13. Host sites are needed.  

July 30 - 31st, 2016 - State Tournament pool play for all U15, U13 and U11A teams. Sites to be determined.   Host sites are needed. 


by posted 12/09/2015
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