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Schempp/Hirth, Discus CS for Sale

Lima Zulu is a 1997 Schempp Hirth, Discus CS sailplane, serial number 229-CS with 290 hours total time.  This like-new ship is ready to race with an upgraded interior, complete equipment package w/Cobra trailer, tow-out gear and one-man rig.  Inside, there's a newly refinished interior with tan fabric ceiling and map pockets, and sheep skin seat with syntactic foam cushioning.  Back aft, there's an O2 bottle bracket and tray for two extra batteries.  There's also a pilot relief system plumbed to the gear doors.  The tilt-up panel includes an Ilec - SN-10 flight computer connected to a Volkslogger flight logger.  Other instruments include a PZL mechanical variometer, turn and bank indicator, g meter and Walter Dittel radio. There's even a gear warning system already installed with panel switch.  The vetilation system has been enhanced with an "eyeball" nozzle in the panel for greatly improved cockpit cooling and noise reduction.

Note: In March of 2004, LZ's wings were inspected to comply with Schempp/Hirth Technical Note 360-21.